Hello golfers,

Governor Tom Wolf presented his detailed plan for reopening the commonwealth with a targeted May 8 start. The administration will categorize reopening into three phases: red, yellow, green. Phases will be assigned based on conditions in a county, counties or region.

Click HERE to see the details of his plan.

We hope to be a part of the May 8th start up. And are planning to open on May 8th, unless we are told we can’t. At least we want to be prepared to do so. We laid out some guidelines for booking your  reservations and getting you on the course, let me reiterate that if we are allowed to open, we will follow all CDC and Pa Public of Health guidelines. We will also do a few things like adjust our tee time intervals, one person to cart, raising the flags and continue cleaning and sanitizing our carts and other equipment. Our golfers can help us by following those same guidelines while playing golf at our place.

If for any reason we will not be allowed to open May 8th. We will contact you. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you then, our online booking will be available as of May 8th. Keep in mind that no tee times will be available before that. There will be some challenges with the one person per cart requirement, bear with us we will do our best to get you on the course. Look for more information in the coming days.

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Some time ago we filed a waiver application with the Governor’s office. In the application, we explained that a Golf Course is the ultimate venue for social distancing/exercise and would be no different and maybe even better than a state park or hiking trail. I recently received an email from the Governor’s office stating that we are to be completely closed, the only exception is that we are permitted to maintain the course and facility as needed. We will continue our request to be open and keep you updated.

Otherwise, please be safe!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us 717-641-7382. You can also email me at gm@mtviewgc.com, and monitor our website for any further updates.


Ed Reely

as of March 25th 

To our valued golfers:

We deeply apologize, but as of today we have to close the golf course. We want to thank you for your support, especially those that sent email to State Senators, State Representatives and the Governor on our behalf. We truly appreciate it.  We also want to thank our State Senator Mastriano and Representative Dan Moul for their support in trying to keep courses open in our area, so that our golfers can somehow get away form the crises we face,  and help out our local business. Even though we practice safe distances and measures to prevent this virus from spreading, which golf allows you to do, the decisions have been made ans all appeals have been exhausted.

Like all other courses in our area we will be closed until we receive a statement from Governor Wolf,  allowing us  reopen. Many of you have a tee time for tomorrow, you may have received a cancellation email already if so, there is no need to reply, we just want to be sure everyone got the information.

We don’t know when we will be allowed to open but Mountain View will be prepared to do so. We will stay on top of emails, website and social media with any and all changes and updates.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call us 717-641-7382, you can also email me at gm@mtviewgc.com, or monitor our website for any further updates.

Thank You..


Ed Reely

To our valued golfers:

Once this decision to close was announced, Mountain View Golf Club reached out to Governor Tom Wolf, Representative Dan Moul and Senator Doug Mastriano pleading that health experts agree you can practice social distancing while playing golf as outlined in recent WSJ and Golf Digest articles.

We also reached out to you, and many of you contacted our Representatives. and the response was awesome. THANK YOU!

Representative Dan Moul replied, that over the weekend he submitted 2 separate waiver requests for golf courses. Landscaping, hunting, and fishing as outdoor activities, and they have been approved. and that golf courses in his district can open for business, but all food and beverage services, like other restaurants, must be carry out and to Please use best management practices.

We will open the tee sheet 10 AM today. we will continue to follow CDC guidelines on on safe distancing, washing hands regularly, sanitizing golf carts, door handles, restroom fixtures, counter tops etc. and we ask all our customers to continue these safe practices as well. We’ve noticed some of our customers are bringing and using their own wipes and using on the equipment they touch and we applaud that. Lets continue to be safe!

We will continue to provide updates as we navigate this difficult time.

Again we want to THANK everyone that contacted our representatives.

Let’s play some golf!


The health and safety of our customers and staff is Mountain View’s highest priority. Until the risk of the Coronavirus lessens we will continue to develop and take measures to combat the potential impact on our entire facility, and will continue to implement CDC cleaning protocols to maintain a safe environment for our customers and staff. These measures recommended by the CDC includes but not limited to insisting, all staff wash hands often using the 20 second rule, having  hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol available as a back up for when hand washing isn’t feasible, Avoid close contact especially those with noticeable cold or flu like symptoms. Our staff with will be required to stay home when feeling ill or with flu like symptoms. We will diligently clean and disinfect areas touched frequently such as restrooms, appliances, equipment, golf carts, counter tops and tables etc. For all our safety and prevent the spread of this Virus, we are asking  all our customers and staff to follow these guidelines when visiting our facility, And we will get through this!

If you have any Comments or concerns CLICK HERE to contact us


Mountain View Management and staff

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The forecast is going to be great for playing Golf over the next few days!

Tomorrow is going to be 46, New Years Day at 42 degrees, Thursday 50, Friday is going to be 56 with slight chance of rain, but if you do get caught in the rain you could receive a rain check for full round of golf. Saturday might be the end of it at 53. Then the temperature begins to dip into the high thirties.

The course is in great shape, drying out very well with cart restrictions limited to a couple holes. Should be no restriction by Wednesday..

Our course is open 9 AM-5 PM daily and we will be open on News Years day.

Starting January 2, 2020 our hours will be 10 AM-4 PM based on weather conditions. We will be closed on days when Temperature is below 35 degrees.

Our “contact us” page is monitored daily for any questions regarding tournaments, group outings, leagues, lessons and any other bookings.

Hope to see you soon!